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What we believe in
At the Evergreen Group, we aspire to seamlessly blend diverse services with a touch of joy and creativity, making memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact accessible to all.

Who we are

We believe that the best experiences are those that are both memorable and meaningful. We strive to create experiences that are not only enjoyable in the moment, but that also leave a lasting impression on our guests.

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What we do

At the Evergreen Group, we achieve success by combining premium on-demand Chief of Staff services with exceptional event planning expertise. We specialize in creating memorable, timeless experiences for any occasion. In addition, we are dedicated to helping small and growing businesses succeed by providing guidance through operational complexities.

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Evergreen Operations
Evergreen Operations redefines accessible leadership through on-demand Chief of Staff services, offering tailored support for small and growing organizations navigating daily operations and long-term planning.
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Evergreen Events
Evergreen Events, our vibrant event planning division, injects energy into a variety of celebrations, specializing in weddings, fundraisers, corporate events, and more, providing a fresh and fun perspective.
Evergreen Weddings
Evergreen Weddings transforms event planning into an art form, crafting uniquely memorable wedding experiences with meticulous attention to detail, commitment to creativity, and a passion for curating moments that reflect each couple's individual love story.
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Elevate your operations and create timeless experiences—partner with Evergreen Solutions for seamless, joyous celebrations and strategic operational support that leaves an indelible mark on your business journey.
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